🧬Many of us have heard of the field of Epigenetics and how the environment affects not just our health but that of the generations coming after us.

🥭We have also heard that if you plant a mango seed you will get a mango tree.
🍎An apple seed an apple tree….
🐸So if you have frog eggs, they should hatch into tadpoles that grow into frogs, right?

🦎What if I told you that you’ll get salamanders instead?

🤯Crazy, right? You’d say that’s not in accordance with the laws of Nature. It’s not aligned with with you sow, is what you reap. Perhaps.. Perhaps not.. Maybe there’s more to that law.. Maybe there’s a more powerful law.. You’d say this is all a nice hypothesis.. What if I said Science backs me up and proves what I’m saying to be true! Aha!! Intrigued, join us on September 25, 2021, 7-9 pm IST for this dazzling, mind blowing, reality altering session with Jeanne- d’Arc