GMCKS Books Study – Virtues- Shared Agreement & Decorum

To participate in the sessions and to be part of the group, you need to agree to the following Shared Agreement & Decorum points:

  • Being respectful of all the participants and aim to view each as a soul with a body.
  • Be a good listener and also a good speaker.
  • Allow for people to express themselves
  • Follow the usual guidelines given by GMCKS, WPHF and IIS for copyright
  • Use your intelligent evaluation: Practise Discernment
  • In Arhatic Yoga “there is no taboo”!  No topic is off limits of discussion within the subject matter being studied*

In addition to the following commitments:

  • Your share will be from power and possibility to elevate the energy (and not bring it down)! – we will cover this elaborately in the first session
  • To give yourself and the group time to celebrate achievements, no matter how small or big
  • To be generative & growth/solution oriented
  • To keep confidence & respect members. Nothing shared in the sessions is to be used outside the realms of the group. Not even “I know a person who..”
  • To practice Kindness and Support, regardless of differences of opinion.
  • No Unsolicited Advice – do not share what you think the person should or shouldn’t do unless you are specifically asked.
  • No solicitation of business, which includes not posting other sessions in the group, unless prior approval is obtained from the facilitator. (This applies to the Whatsapp group)
  • Respect All Identifications and Affiliations – No judgement.
  • Mindful of Participation and Time – yourself and others.

* GMCKS – Golden Lotus Sutras