Live Life, Extraordinary

We have in us the ability to create the life we want!
But sometimes we face road blocks, or more specifically, inner blocks: Those noises that say “you can’t” “you won’t”, “you shouldn’t”.

To help you identify these obstacles, navigate through them and remove them, we have created diversified programs and therapy sessions that help you with just that!

Experiential Workshops & Sessions:

We offer a variety of programs and sessions to support you:

  1. Pranic Healing (Energy techniques), Levels 1-3
  2. Baby Massage
  3. Breastfeeding
  4. Baby swaddling
  5. Family constellations
  6. Baby Bump Painting
  7. Maternity Photo session
  8. Pregnancy Announcement Session
  9. Sewing
  10. Storytelling for babies
  11. Movie Days! Yes movies!!
  12. Healing camps and much more!!

Therapy & Healing Sessions (one-on-one)

We understand the need for deep resourcing and support and offer you the opportunity to work one-on-one with specialized therapists to navigate through challenges and overcome past trauma or negative experiences.

  • Clearing birth trauma : mother / child / dad
  • Baby play therapy
  • Child play therapy
  • Adolescent therapy
  • Family constellations
  • Pranic Healing session
  • Laying of Crystals therapy session