Conscious Conception

Conceiving is a process that is more than just about your physical body. A woman’s body has the innate wisdom to conceive, birth, and heal naturally. In a culture that treats pregnancy like a pathology, women are often disempowered and disconnected from their body’s own wisdom.

What then is needed to heal and repair this link?

This program takes you on a deep, inner journey to heal your early imprints, become aware of your body’s needs, your emotions and bring together physical, emotional, relational, sexual, and transpersonal elements to reach that place within you that is just waiting to create.
“The Child within speaks loudest when we embark on the journey of parenthood”
The journey to become a mother is a big initiation, one that brings up unresolved hurts, wounds and trauma from the past. Support for a prospective mother or a mother is not just about what to eat and what to avoid but instead one that calls for a deep awakening and healing so you can bring your child consciously into this world.
You will be equipped with a host of practical tools, evidence-based knowledge and Pranic Healing techniques to empower to Create!

You will receive support with:

  • Telling the Story of The Conscious Baby: Trends and Influences in Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Somatic Health
  • Memory and the Conscious Baby: Conscious Baby Principles and How Imprints Happen
  • Babies Are Conscious: 12 Senses Not 5 and Spirituality and the Conscious Baby: A Foundation
  • Ancestral Patterns, Epigenetics, Attachment Styles, and What is a Family? The Importance of Preparing for Early Parenting
  • Visualization exercises and Conception Board
  • Preparing for the soul that is coming
  • The Circles of Life – Completion