Conscious Pregnancy

You’re pregnant: Congratulations!

As a soon-to-be mama, while you look for information to guide you through this maternity journey, how do you decide which childbirth class is right for your family?

This is not your regular info-based-only pregnancy class (although it is part of)… This is a program that not only equips you with information, but provides you with the tools and techniques to dive into your creative power and unleash them.

It’s a program that provides you with a support community and the felt experience of being pregnant, of connecting and bonding with your baby from the beginning!

Our comprehensive pregnancy program offers well-researched techniques, breathing exercises, practical information on topics such as the influence of hormones and stages of labour, preparation for every type birth, helping moms-to-be closer be comfortable with themselves and supporting greater intimacy with their partner, personal growth and integrating changes in mind, body and soul.

We offer you the evidence and tools, but YOU choose what works and doesn’t work for you.
Our purpose is to help you create your own story, the way you want it, and to support you throughout!

Here’s a glimpse of what our program covers:

  1. The Conscious Baby: The Impact of Stress during Pregnancy
  2. Prenatal Bonding and the Conscious Baby
  3. Learning In Utero
  4. The Physical & Psychological Stages of Pregnancy
  5. The Spiritual Stages of Pregnancy
  6. The Impact of Interventions on the Baby’s Experience
  7. The Baby’s Experience of Conception, Pregnancy and Birth
  8. Breathing Exercises
  9. Creating a Support System and a Supportive Birthing Space
  10. Visualization & Affirmation exercises and Birthing Boards
  11. Building A Network of Supportive Relationships With Other Expectant Parents.
  12. Understanding, Empathy and Support

We will take it together one week at a time , and by the time you are reaching labour, you will have re-discovered and reconnected with the inner feminine power that just knows how to create and birth naturally!

We recommend you couple this course with the “Conscious Birthing” Program that dives into the details and stages of birthing.