me CC.pngJeanne-d’Arc Jabbour Rajagopal is an Entrepreneur, a (Pre and Perinatal educator) PPNE, and therapist, Pranic Healing Instructor and Healer, and Arhatic Yoga Practitioner.

A lifelong drive to understand human nature, psychology and life along with her varied experiences have shaped her distinctive holistic approach to health and healing. Her own transformative healing journey has solidified her conviction in the importance of addressing early experiences and imprints to become aware of how they affect our present lives. Conscious Creation is part of what she considers her soul’s work – an integrative, holistic center that combines evidence based research, Psychology and Pranic Healing to support and empower women and families in their journey to live their best lives, birth happy and healthy children and build healthy, happy and resilient future generations.

Jeanne-d’Arc began her journey with a degree in psychology and sociology followed by an MBA in marketing from the American University in Dubai. After going on to work in a number of industries from the diplomatic service to corporate firms and NGOs in high profile positions, it was a chance encounter that led to her introduction to the field of personal transformation and development and since then she has never looked back. Besides an extensive training with the Association of Pre & Perinatal Psychology & Health, APPPAH, she has trained, taught and worked in the field of Pranic Healing for many years now. Known for her empathy and practicality, her integrative approach considers every aspect of the individual in order to create resilience, space and freedom and shape one’s life in the manner he/she wants.