Conscious Creation is an integrative, holistic center that combines evidence based research, Psychology and Pranic Healing to support and empower women and families in their journey to finding themselves and birthing their children to build a stronger, healthier and happier future generations.

Creation though is not a one time process, and is not only linked to birthing babies.
We can create ideas, projects, paintings, and much more!

We have in us the innate ability to create!!


So Conscious Creation at its core is about You: Creating the life you want, the way you want. It’s about creating and recreating yourself!


Thank you, thank you, thank you Jeanne! I LOVED our session – it was so powerful, beautiful and brought me so much peace and clarity.
Something that I have been struggling with for 8 years is now clear and no longer has a grip over me! Thank you.

MN- Public Speaker & Mother

Psychosomatic Therapy Session

I had a bit of complication at the end of my delivery, and my son was take to the NICU, so I didn’t get tot hold him.
We didn’t get off to a good start, I had a bit of postpartum depression, and my son and I couldn’t bond.
We had a play therapy session scheduled with our son who is now 15 months old and I didn’t know what to expect. Jeanne was just amazing! I never knew such healing can take place. in just 2 sessions, my son just hugged me and didn’t let go! It was so profound!
I feel like a mother for the first time! Thank you so so much.

MA – Teacher and Mother

Play Therapy – healing mother/ baby relationship